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Elder law services focus on aiding and preparing seniors for the legal matters that can arise in the event they become mentally or physically incapacitated in the future. Our team is certified by the National Elder Law Foundation and the American Bar Association to provide an elder care lawyer to answer questions and deal with legal matters pertaining to elders and their families.

Specifically, the laws that matter for an elder law attorney include:

  • Assisting seniors with their estate planning needs to protect assets.
  • Advocating seniors’ rights, especially regarding their rights and entitlements to government benefits.
  • Developing valid wills and/or living trusts for their financial situation and financial decisions.
  • Assisting seniors with incapacity planning, which lays out a senior’s end-of-life choices in the event he or she is unable to communicate these choices in the future.

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At our law firm, each reputable elder law attorney on our team has extensive experience helping older adults get their essential legal documents and affairs in order so that their loved ones, including their adult children, can avoid unnecessary expenses and hardships in the future.

Some of the specific services that the attorneys at our Lincoln City elder law attorneys handle include:

  • Creating powers of attorney that will designate a family member, loved one, or family caregivers to make legal decisions on the behalf of the older adult when they are no longer able to do so.
  • Developing directives for end-of-life choices specifically pertains to whether to be left on or taken off life support systems and other critical medical care and health care issues.
  • Developing trusts, special needs trusts, wills, and living wills with the durable power to persist and financially care for your loved ones long after you pass on to ensure long term care for your loved ones’ finances.
  • Handling complicated estate tax affairs in a manner that preserves the value of your assets and property. One of our elder law attorneys will make sure your long term planning is accounted for to protect your finances.
  • Overseeing the procurement of necessary legal rights and government benefits such as Social Security and Medicaid, as well as other benefits and nursing home care.

Matters of elder law are important to handle while you still have the ability to do so, and creating an estate plan can provide your loved ones with the legal authority and backing, as well as moral support, to execute your final wishes in the future. Every member of our team is a certified elder law attorney that can help you answer the complicated questions pertaining to elder care, giving your loved one and you the legal help you need.

Whether you are looking to develop an estate plan for your family or your parents are interested in drafting a living will that contains end-of-life directives, our Lincoln City elder law lawyers at Zantello Law Group can provide you with the right documents and the support and professional legal assistance through the entire process.


Our skilled legal professionals have years of experience managing elder law matters, and we are dedicated to working closely with each of our clients to ensure that we develop a comprehensive estate plan, will, living will, trust, or another directive to meet their needs and wishes. Our primary goal is to assist you as law attorney in resolving your elder law and estate planning matters as efficiently and favorably as possible, giving you the long-term care planning you need to ensure you are protected as you age.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does elder law differ from estate planning?

An elder law attorney can help you create a living trust and understand estate taxes. The main difference between elder law attorneys and estate planning attorneys is that elder law services occur while a person is living, while estate planners focus predominantly on acting as financial advisors for families after a person has passed away.

Do elder law attorneys help with elder abuse cases?

Yes. Victims of elder abuse can reach out to an elder attorney for help gathering evidence and filing claims of elder abuse while abiding by the local laws surrounding elder law.

When should I first contact an elder law attorney?

Not everyone will contact an elder law lawyer at the same age, but age 60 is typically a great time to begin getting the proper legal documents in order to protect your family’s property in the case that you become incapacitated or in need of medical assistance due to health issues.

Can elder law lawyers help avoid probate?

Yes, since elder law attorneys create wills and trusts to protect property, working with an elder law lawyer may help avoid probate, as well as give you advice as to how to limit or avoid estate taxes.

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