Mara Peterson

Mara Petersen

Mara Petersen, Administrative Assistant

Mara Petersen was born and raised in the Portland area until she was 14. After a summer spent in an RV travelling with her family, she and her family moved to Lincoln City as they’d enjoyed the many weekends spent in Mara’s great grandparents’ house. While in Lincoln City she went to Taft High School and was the first employee of Lincoln City Gifts.

In 2019 Mara graduated from Taft High and went to Western Oregon University for Mathematics. While at Western she was a math tutor for other students attending the university as well as a paper grader for a few professors. She graduated from Western Oregon University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics before moving back to Lincoln City. After a brief time as a part time accountant at Oregon Coast Bookkeeping, Mara found a more permanent workplace at Zantello Law Group.

Outside of work Mara spends most of her time cleaning up after the destruction left in the wake of her appropriately named cat, Godzilla. Aside from this her free time is spent playing Dungeons and Dragons and travelling to compete in tournaments for the Pokémon Video Game Championships.


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